This book provides comprehensive and definitive coverage of current
understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the inflammatory
disease pancreatitis. Pancreatitis occurs in both acute and chronic forms
along with the more recently identified autoimmune pancreatitis.
Mechanisms of the disease are studied in animal models with the goal of
developing rational therapy.

The book has been overseen and published by the American Pancreatic
Association with John A. Williams as Editor-in-Chief. It includes 65
chapters written and edited by a worldwide group of authorities;
completed chapters are also presented in open access on the Pancreapedia
( Individual chapters are relatively brief, dividing
coverage into smaller units while maintaining depth. The book contains
full-color and summary diagrams for enhanced readability, and a subject
index enhances findability of information on specific topics.

Pancreatitis is divided into four sections:
• Experimental Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Stephen J. Pandol
and Ashok K. Saluja
• Acute Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Markus M. Lerch
and Marc G. Besselink
• Chronic Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Pramod K. Garg
and Julia Mayerle
• Autoimmune Pancreatitis – Section Editors: Suresh T. Chari
and Phil A. Hart

The book is aimed at pancreas researchers and clinical practitioners, but
the clear and readable text will also appeal to students and individuals
interested in the exocrine pancreas and its diseases.