This book provides comprehensive and definitive coverage of the current understanding of the structure and function of the exocrine pancreas. While emphasis is on normal physiology, the relevant cell biological, developmental and biochemical information is also provided. Where appropriate, chapters also include material on functional changes in pancreatitis. All chapters are fully referenced and provide up to date information.

The book has been overseen and published by the American Pancreatic Association with Fred S. Gorelick and John A. Williams as Editors. It includes 26 chapters written by an international group of authorities; completed chapters are also presented in open access format on the Pancreapedia ( The book contains full-color images and summary diagrams that enhance readability and extend the detail provided in the text.

The Pancreas: Biology and Physiology is divided into four sections:

  • Pancreatic Exocrine Structure and Function Anatomy, Bioenergetics, Cytoskeleton, Intracellular Signaling
  • Acinar Cells Digestive enzyme synthesis, intracellular transport, Zymogen granules, Exocytosis
  • Exocrine Pancreas Integrative Responses Hormonal and Neural Control of Protein and Fluid Secretion, Molecular mechanisms of fluid and bicarbonate secretion, regulation of growth and regeneration
  • Pancreatic Islet and Stellate Cell Structure and Function Structure and vasculature of islets, regulation of islet secretion, Stellate Cells in health and disease

The book is designed to be a reference book for pancreas researchers but its clear and readable text will appeal to teachers, students and all individuals interested in the exocrine pancreas.