Esophageal Cancer

Real life stories from patients and families

Edited by Ellen Abramson

Subjects: Health & Fitness, Cancer
Paperback : 9781607853572, 108 pages, 6 x 9, December 2015
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This book presents the stories of eleven patients and family members who received the diagnosis of esophageal cancer. The stories, provided by esophageal cancer survivors, illustrate some of the setbacks and some of the triumphs, that these individuals and their families encountered. All of these patients underwent a remarkable surgical procedure known as an esophagectomy. During this operation, the majority of the esophagus is removed. In order to restore swallowing, the stomach is reconfigured into a tube that is repositioned in the chest and neck and sutured to the remaining esophagus. The stories convey courage and strength in the face of a major life-changing event and its consequences. The authors describe in detail what the experience was like for themselves and their loved ones. Their stories are inspiring and offer hope to others facing this illness. Book sales support patient and family education in the Thoracic Surgery section of the University of Michigan Health System.