Michigan Journals is home to more than 30 electronic serials, publishing peer-reviewed scholarship in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Across these disciplinary boundaries, our journals share a commitment to:

Broad distribution and accessibility.

Most journals are fully open access, ensuring that their content can be discovered and read by anyone with an Internet connection. Our platform is accessible to print-disabled readers and accommodates various output formats, including HTML, EPUB, and PDF–even print on demand!

Lightweight, common-sense approaches to copyright.

For most journals, authors retain copyright, simply granting Michigan Publishing a non-exclusive license to publish the work. Creative Commons licenses allow readers to share fearlessly while crediting rightsholders appropriately.

Sharing digital infrastructure to publish efficiently and preserve effectively.

Michigan Journals are hosted on a platform developed by the same team that brought you HathiTrust, customized to meet the needs of 21st-century digital publishing. This shared infrastructure means journals can be launched and maintained with minimal overhead, and preserved as part of the University of Michigan Library’s digital collections. Most Michigan Journals forgo publishing in print, reducing overhead costs like typesetting, printing, and distribution.

Engaging with evolving models of scholarly communication.

Interested in experimenting with open peer review? Want to do away with the journal issue as a unit of publication? Think typeset articles still play an important role in a digital world? Curious about altmetrics? We leave editorial decisions in your hands, but welcome you to stretch how scholarly journals look and behave.

Sustainable business models that support right-sized publishing.

While publishing consistently is key to a journal’s reputation and success, we want you to focus on the scholarship that matters to your audience, on a schedule that meets your needs. We’ll work with you to plan for a journal that is not solely dependent on revenue generated either by accepting extra content or by producing more issues.

Collaborating with Michigan Publishing staff to establish a permanent, high-profile home for your publication.

We count on your active engagement and participation in the publishing process, from acquiring and editing content to proofing new content before it is published. We welcome your feedback and requests, which often guide our development of new features and fixes.

Want to know more? Take a look at our current journals and write to us at mpublishing@umich.edu.