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Trouble in Censorville

The Far Right's Assault on Public Education and the Teachers Who are Fighting Back

A teacher’s-eye view of the radical right’s crusade to take down public education

Unlocking the Treasury

Elementary Learning for Boys in Qing China

Ordering Tang China

Cultural Memory, Emperor Taizong, and the Essentials

Analysis of a seventh-century Chinese anthology on imperial governance

The Hero and the Victim

Narratives of Criminality in Iraq War Fiction

How American fiction represents soldiers—and soldier criminality—in depictions of the Iraq War

Mixing Oil and Water

The Beginnings of Chautauqua at Fair Point

Women Making History

The Revolutionary Feminist Postcard Art of Helaine Victoria Press

Tells the story of Helaine Victoria Press, the first publisher of women’s history postcards

The Politics of India under Modi

An Introduction to India’s Democracy, Economy, and Foreign Policy

A detailed, readable overview of India’s political trends, economic prospects, and foreign policy since 2014

South End Shout

Boston’s Forgotten Music Scene in the Jazz Age

Chronicles the power of music in Boston’s African American community

Casa Pueblo

A Puerto Rican Model of Self-Governance

A manifesto on sustainable community organizing and development by a winner of the "Green Nobel" Goldman Prize

Radical Roots

Public History and a Tradition of Social Justice Activism

The Border of Lights Reader

Bearing Witness to Genocide in the Dominican Republic

Mahan and Baekje

The Complex Origins of Korean Kingdoms

Migraciones raciales

La ciudad de Nueva York y la política revolucionaria en el Caribe hispánico

New Materials

Towards a History of Consistency

By Amy E. Slaton
Subjects: History, General

A collection of eight essays on the cultural and political history of industrial materials and the development of global capitalism

Engineering Manhood

Race and the Antebellum Virginia Military Institute

A groundbreaking case study on the cultivation of whiteness and manhood in the engineering profession at an antebellum southern military college

The Boundaries of Pluralism

The World of the University of Michigan's Jewish Students from 1897 to 1945

The Boundaries of Pluralism

The World of the University of Michigan’s Jewish Students from 1897 to 1945