The University of Michigan MBA/MA in Asian Studies Retrospection and Reflections

A Bicentennial Contribution

Subjects: Education, Higher, Organizations & Institutions
Imprint: Maize Books
Paperback : 9781607855057, 151 pages, 6 x 9, November 2020
Open Access : 9781607856023, 151 pages, 6 x 9, November 2020
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The University of Michigan dual-degree master’s program in Asian Studies and Business began in the 1980s and quickly developed into a dynamic training ground for international business experts. Professor Emerita Linda Lim provides an oral history of the program, including her reflections on decades of teaching and leadership in international business education. This book also features essays on business in Asia from graduates of the program, and reflections on the program from graduates, and photos of some of the faculty and graduates of the MBA/MA Asian Studies program throughout the years.