Prison Creative Arts Project

The Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) is an organization that opens up opportunities to create original works of art in correctional facilities, juvenile facilities, and urban high schools across the state of Michigan.

Founded in 1990, PCAP is run by members of the University of Michigan and surrounding community and is based in the University of Michigan Department of English Language and Literature. Its programs include the Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners, the largest prison art show in the world; !e Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing, the amazing collection of writing you are currently holding in your hands; weekly theatre, creative writing, visual art, and music workshops with incarcerated adults and juveniles, as well as students from Detroit; the Linkage Project, which affirms the creativity of adults and youth returning from incarceration; and the Portfolio project, a one on one collaboration between a volunteer and an incarcerated individual to create a portfolio of his or her best work.

Books By Prison Creative Arts Project