Sin fronteras

Inclusive Spanish Grammar Guidebook

Subjects: Foreign Language Study, Spanish
Open Access : 9781943208722, 208 pages, 86 color photos, 7 x 10, July 2024
Paperback : 9781943208715, 208 pages, 86 color photos, 7 x 10, July 2024
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Sin fronteras: Inclusive Spanish Grammar Guidebook is the first ever Spanish language text to teach nonbinary and gender-neutral language. It is an invaluable resource for intermediate and advanced learners that offers concise explanations and exercises for the major clausal structures, tenses, and moods. Along with including nonbinary and gender-neutral language, the volume also incorporates the voseo, or the use of vos as a second-person singular pronoun that is common among upwards of 40% of Spanish speakers in Latin America. This book expands the scope of traditional grammar instruction by including tasks such as reading, writing, discussions, and independent research in order to support the development of the competencies necessary to thrive in the increasingly interconnected and diverse world. Sin fronteras is suitable for independent study or for supplemental use in conversation classes, classes for heritage speakers, classes with focus on the professions (e.g., medical Spanish, Spanish for business), and literature classes.

Liana Stepanyan is professor (teaching) of Spanish and coordinator of Spanish III, at the University of Southern California. Her research focuses on second-language acquisition, non-binary language, and the inclusion of primary sources in courses. 

María Mercedes Fages Agudo is master lecturer and coordinator of Spanish II at the University of Southern California. Fages Agudo is also the director of Feliz en la Comunidad, a service-learning program.

Carolina Castillo Larrea is associate professor (teaching) of Spanish at the University of Southern California. Her main focus is language acquisition and teaching methodology. 

Goretti Prieto Botana is the director of the Spanish language program at the University of Southern California. Her research interests include grammar-related learnability issues, explicit forms of instruction, and task-essentialness.