Playthrough Poetics

Gameplay as Research Method

Edited by Milena Droumeva

Subjects: Games, Video & Electronic, Social Science, Media Studies, Art, Video Game Art
Paperback : 9781943208814, 185 pages, 7 color images, 6 x 9, November 2024
Open Access : 9781943208821, 185 pages, 7 color images, 6 x 9, November 2024
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Game streamers and live commentators are producing increasingly comprehensive analyses of gameplay, yet scholarship still tends to flatten the experiential media of video games into text for close reading. By shifting focus toward the immersiveness of video games, Playthrough Poetics makes the case for gameplay as a necessary, alternate method. Contributors to this volume engage widely with the activity of play through autoethnographies, meta-analyses of self-broadcasting, new procedural methods like gamespace soundwalking, as well as the affective aspects of games research. In doing so, they model new possibilities for academic players and gamers alike.

Rigorous scholarship meets cultural practice in this innovative, multi-modal edited collection that includes video essays and offers transcripts of the playthroughs themselves. Readers (and viewers) will come away with a toolkit of models, case studies, and conceptual frameworks for analyzing video games through gameplay. This volume is a fresh return to the joy of play: the poetics of games as contemporary forms of storytelling and interactivity.

With contributions from Ashlee Bird, Brandon Blackburn, Milena Droumeva, Kishonna Gray, Robyn Hope, Ben Scholl, Maria Sommers, Ashlyn Sparrow, Christine Tran, and Aaron Trammell.

Milena Droumeva is associate professor of communication and Glenfraser Endowed Professor in Sound Studies at Simon Fraser University, specializing in mobile technologies and multimodal ethnography with a long-standing interest in game cultures and gender. Droumeva co-edited the volume Sound, Media, Ecology (Palgrave, 2019) and has worked extensively in educational research on game-based learning, as well as in interaction design for responsive environments and sonification.