Global Storytelling, vol. 2, no. 1

Journal of Digital and Moving Images

Paperback : 9781607858041, 196 pages, 6 x 9, September 2022
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Guest Editors
Suzanne Scott and Ellen Seiter

Ellen Seiter. Letter from the Editor.

Research Articles
Paige MacIntosh. Transgressive TV: Euphoria, HBO, and a New Trans Aesthetic
Kelsey J. Cummings. Queer Seriality, Streaming Television, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Jia Tan. Platformized Seriality: Chinese Time-Travel Fantasy from Prime-Time Television to Online Streaming
Jake Pitre. Platform Strategy in a Technopolitical War: The Failure (and Success) of Facebook Watch
Anne Gilbert. Algorithmic Audiences, Serialized Streamers, and the Discontents of Datafication
Oliver Kröener. Then, Now, Forever: Television Wrestling, Seriality, and the Rise of the Cinematic Match during COVID-19

Book Reviews
Briand Gentry. The Serial Will Be Televised: Serial Television’s Revolutionary Potential for Multidisciplinary Analysis of Social Identity.  Reviews of Birth of the Binge: Serial TV and the End of Leisure by Dennis Broe, Wayne State University Press, 2019, and Gender and Seriality: Practices and Politics of Contemporary US Television by Maria Sulimma, Edinburgh University Press, 2021
Grace Elizabeth Wilsey. The Patchwork That Makes a Global Streaming Giant. Review of Netflix Nations: The Geography of Digital Distribution by Ramon Lobato, New York University Press, 2019
Asher Guthertz. The History of the American Comic Book, Revised: Review of Comic Books Incorporated: How the Business of Comics Became the Business of Hollywood by Shawna Kidman, University of California Press, 2019

Film Reviews
Anne Metcalf. Review of Zola (Janicza Bravo, 2020)