Gender, Sexual Identity, and Families: The Personal Is Political

Groves Monographs on Marriage and Family (Volume 5)

Subjects: Social Science, Gender Studies
Open Access : 9781607858584, 248 pages, 6 x 9, January 2020
Paperback : 9781607855965, 248 pages, 6 x 9, January 2020
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Gender is a fundamental organizing principle of families and is a complex mix of biology, identity and behavioral expression. Similarly, sexual identity includes a wide range of identification of sexual attraction and expression, and is also fundamental to understanding families. In 2016 Groves Conference program built on the Groves Conference's past and recognized that social change has been swift in some areas, such as marriage equality with the 2015 Supreme Court ruling. However, full equality for all individuals and families throughout the U.S. is still not present and counter movements to social change are many, such as turnĀ­ing back the clock on fertility decisions, voting rights, even the definition of citizenship. For professionals who do research, who participate in policy, and who conduct prevention and intervention, the work presented in this volume is refreshed by new perspectives, new information, and new commitments.