Schubert Miles Ogden (1928-2019) was one of America’s preeminent theologians during the last fifty years and spent a significant part of his career at Perkins School of Theology (SMU). During this time he engaged with a broad range of topics and concerns in his writings and teachings, producing an extensive theological body of work. What many in that academic world did not know was that Ogden was also a formidable man in the kitchen, constantly experimenting, testing, and coming up with a variety of recipes, from the distinctly delicious German-style baked goods like stollen to Schubert’s Own Salmon Loaf. He even had a signature cocktail called the Minister Margarita. In this present volume titled Food for the Soul: The Recipes of Schubert Ogden we have the second book published under the new Bridwell Press imprint that brings to life a lesser-known aspect of Ogden’s dynamic life and world. Instead of the adventures of the great scholar’s theological works, in this book we have an element of joyful surprise in his gastronomical oeuvre, and maybe there is something new and illuminating to discover in that as well. This compilation will certainly find a warm and inviting home among both theologians and non-theologians alike, especially if you like to experiment with the never-ending nuances of food.