First Light

Encountering Edward Said and the Late-Style Jewish Prophetic in the New Diaspora

By Marc H. Ellis
Designed by Alicia Beebe

Subjects: Education, General, Religion, General
Imprint: Bridwell Press
Open Access : 9781957946115, 296 pages, 20 color illustrations, 5 x 8, July 2023
Paperback : 9781957946108, 296 pages, 20 color illustrations, 5 x 8, September 2023
Hardcover : 9781957946054, 296 pages, 20 color illustrations, 5 x 8, September 2023
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Encountering Edward Said on Yom Kippur: Reflections on the Late-Style Jewish Prophetic is a fascinating and controversial collection of journals and meditations on the plight and possibility of the prophetic witness in the modern world.  In these pages, the Jewish theologian, Marc H. Ellis, explores the prophetic through his encounters with the late Palestinian intellectual, Edward Said, as a way of thinking through the stakes of contemporary Jewish history. His unexpected encounter with Said on Yom Kippur provides a fascinating window to explore the dangers and possibilities of present-day Jewish life and its future. Ellis applies Said’s idea of late-style to the Jewish prophetic – what Ellis names the Late-Style Jewish Prophetic – to mean the reappearance and coming home of the Jewish prophetic as it undergoes its own deconstruction and re-emergence. At turns deeply personal and creatively theoretical, Ellis doesn’t shy away from the forbidden terrains of self questioning and progressive posturing, even with people and movements he identifies with. The result is a sensitive and provocative exploration filled with questions and responses rather than definitive answers.


MARC H. ELLIS is Professor of History and Jewish Studies, formerly of the Maryknoll School of Theology and Baylor University. He has authored and edited more than thirty books including Toward A Jewish Theology of Liberation, Finding Our Voice: Embodying the Prophetic and Other Misadventures, and I AM Who Loves the Prophets: An Exile Devotional. A Festschrift volume honoring Professor Ellis, The New Diaspora and the Global Prophetic: Engaging the Scholarship of Marc H. Ellis, was published in 2021.