Don MacCallum's Michigan Histology Vol. 1

2nd Edition, 2017

Subjects: Medical, Histology
Ebook : 9781607854708, 133 pages, December 2017
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Before he retired, Prof. Donald K. MacCallum put together an extremely useful hands-on histology lab manual that was based on his experience of teaching histology to many generations of University of Michigan students. Unfortunately, that original digital manual was never published and is no longer compatible with today’s computer systems. The authors have updated and revised the original manual as an eBook version that allows histology learners to link the theoretical knowledge acquired in lectures and textbooks with the appearance of cellular microscopic anatomy and organ tissue structure as seen through a light microscope. Starting with a chapter on staining methods and histological artifacts, the four volumes cover the cytology of all basic tissues, organs and organ systems of the human body. Images of superb histological preparations produced by Prof. MacCallum are accompanied by a concise description. New information was added and the labeling of many images was improved to better correlate the appearance of these tissues at the light microscope level with their cellular organization and functions. Brief multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each volume reinforce major learning objectives. “Don MacCallum’s Michigan Histology” helps the beginner, as well as the more experienced student of histology, to navigate and comprehend the complexity of human tissues at the microscopic scale. As the 1st edition of Don MacCallum’s Michigan Histology eBook series was published a few years ago, we felt that updating the original edition would be a timely undertaking. In the second edition, we not only carefully revised the text to clarify it, but also corrected a number of errors.

• 26 chapters covering all basic tissues and major organs/organ systems of human histology
• More than 1100 high quality histological images on 724 pages
• 236 image-based multiple choice review questions
• Volume 1: Introduction, Epithelia, Connective Tissue, Cartilage, Bone, Blood
• Volume 2: Muscle, Nervous System, Eye, Ear, Circulatory System, Lymphatic System
• Volume 3: Respiratory System, Integument, Oral Glands, Oral Cavity, Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver, Gall Bladder & Pancreas
• Volume 4: Endocrine Organs, Urinary System, Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System, Mammary Gland

“Don MacCallum’s Michigan Histology” is complemented by the Michigan Histology Virtual Slide Collection, which can be accessed for free via the Internet at

Volume 1 of this 4 Volume lab manual set is concerned with the Histology of human tissues. It covers Epithelia, General Connective Tissue, Cartilage, Bone and Blood with a descriptive text and pictures.