A scholarly journal of thought leadership, education and practice in the discipline of visual communication design - Volume II, Issue I - Summer 2018

Subjects: Art, Digital
Paperback : 9781607855101, 240 pages, 8.5 x 11, October 2018
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Dialectic seeks to publish scholarship, analytical study and criticism that will enlighten and inform a diverse audience of design educators engaged not only in classroom teaching experiences but also in differing forms of research and professional practice. The journal's advisory and editorial boards recognize that design education, along with design research and professional practice, exist in relationships that are now broadly informed by theoretical frameworks and applications of knowledge derived from the social and applied sciences, the humanities, and other professions such as business, education, information technology and media studies. The outcomes of these synergies often result in the invention, discovery, understanding, and dissemination of new knowledge, innovation, and best practices.