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The Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) and Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan are happy to announce a new publishing partnership. Beginning in Fall 2020, Michigan Publishing will take over publishing and distribution of SCMS’s flagship journal JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, which will remain available via Project Muse, and sustain and develop its open access satellite publications, including Archival News, Professional Notes, and the Aca-Media podcast.


Cover image for ESC: Sonic Adventure in the AnthropoceneMichigan Publishing is a leader in digital open-access publishing and home to more than 35 academic journals publishing 600 articles a year. These journals are used by over 1 million readers annually. As part of its cutting-edge journals program, Michigan Publishing is committed to film and media studies, and publishes several journals in the field, including Film Criticism (1975-), Trans-Asia Photography Review (2010-), and Media Industries (2014-). Michigan Publishing also houses the University of Michigan Press and its extensive list of film and media studies book titles

Michigan Publishing is an ideal publisher for JCMS, pairing expertise in media studies scholarship with innovations in digital publishing, rich media hosting, and open access distribution. Thanks to an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, Michigan Publishing has developed the Fulcrum platform for enriched multimodal scholarship. 

“We’re very happy that SCMS has selected Michigan as their publishing partner,” says Charles Watkinson, Associate University Librarian for Publishing at the University. “We’re happy they’ve decided to keep their publishing program within the mission-driven academic community and look forward to working with them to leverage the affordances of digital.”


“Michigan Publishing has been at the forefront of digital academic publishing, and we’re excited to grow JCMS with them,” says Caetlin Benson-Allott, Editor of JCMS. “For nearly sixty years, the journal has prided itself on publishing cutting-edge research in film and media studies. We are eager to expand on this tradition using the tools Michigan has developed.”

Beginning with issue 60.1 in Fall 2020, SCMS and Michigan Publishing look forward to ushering in a new era for JCMS that includes robust digital frameworks and new publication strategies. We will work to include different research formats and more heterogeneous voices from the fields of cinema and media studies while also increasing the accessibility of the journal and its satellites, not to mention the reputation of SCMS as a scholarly society. We’re excited to share more information about these plans soon.

As a new chapter begins, SCMS wishes to thank the University of Texas Press and its team for a long and successful partnership in producing our journal.

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