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In Publishing Services, we do our best to advocate for the broadest access to scholarship. Each year our list of open access titles grows longer, our partnerships broader, and the voices we publish stronger.

With Open Access Week well under way, we thought we’d take the time to highlight some of the great open access scholarship being produced by the University of Michigan community and published by Michigan Publishing Services.


Maize Books


The University of Michigan in China

David Ward and Eugene Chen

The friendship between the University of Michigan and China spans more than a century and a half. Through years of peace and years of war; through political turmoil and the shifting winds of public opinion; since the first years of U-M’s Ann Arbor campus and the last years of China’s Qing Dynasty, the University and China have been partners. The University of Michigan in China celebrates this nearly 200-year-old legacy. Print copies available on Amazon.


#exstrange: A Curatorial Intervention on Ebay

Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak

#exstrange: a curatorial intervention on eBay presents the #exstrange exhibition project, which transformed one of the largest marketplaces on the web — eBay — into a site of artistic production. This book documents artworks, reveals the aftermath of auctions and correspondences between artists and bidders, and features essays by lead curators Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak, cultural critic Mark Dery, journalist Rob Walker, media and material culture scholar Padma Chirumamilla, guest curator Gaia Tedone, and artist and writer Renee Carmichael. Print copies available on Amazon.


Social Class Voices: Student Stories from the University of Michigan Bicentennial

Edited by Dwight Lang and Aubrey Schiavone

Open Access Web Edition Forthcoming at

In Social Class Voices, forty-five University of Michigan undergraduate students and recent alumni explore the significance of social class in early 21st century America. These writers – born to the working poor, working, middle, upper-middle, and upper classes – openly and honestly show how social class has shaped their lives, their changing identities, and conditions in their home communities. Using “sociological creative non-fiction” essays, they invite readers to engage, interpret, and imagine the power of social class in a society where economic differences are often overlooked.


Coming of Age: Teaching and Learning Popular Music in Academia

Edited by Carlos Xavier Rodriguez

Open Access Web Edition Forthcoming at

As the 21st Century’s third decade approaches, popular music study has achieved greater scope, depth, and prominence in academic departments of music conservatories than ever before. Musicology, music theory, and music education scholars have recognized the significant role and influence of popular music in contemporary society, and also in their own lives, utilizing their personal insights to broaden disciplinary boundaries while more directly addressing the needs for musical understanding in the communities they serve. This book is a collection of essays originally presented at Ann Arbor Symposium IV, Teaching and Learning Popular Music, at the University of Michigan. Organized into four sections of similar-themed writings, the essays trace numerous discourses, principles, methods, and prospects for popular music education in academia.


Michigan Journals


Saksaha: A Journal of Manchu Studies

Saksaha: A Journal of Manchu Studies is the open-access, peer reviewed journal of the Manchu Studies Group. Its purpose is to advance and promote informed scholarship on all aspects of Manchu studies, including (but not limited to) history, literature, linguistics, philology, anthropology, religious studies, art history, folklore, material culture, and cultural studies. Since 1996, it has been the only journal specifically devoted to Manchu Studies in a European language.


Michigan Journal of Sustainability

The Michigan Journal of Sustainability publishes timely, innovative, stimulating, and informative articles in three areas: (1) sustainable freshwater systems, (2) livable communities, and (3) responses to climate variability and change. The periodical is designed to appeal to readers from a broad range of specialties and backgrounds, and papers will be edited to be comprehensible even to those reading outside their own area of expertise.


Music & Politics

Music and Politics is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that explores the interaction of music and politics. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the impact of politics on the lives of musicians, music as a form of political discourse, and the influences of ideology on musical historiography.


Política Común

Política común is a bilingual (English-Spanish) open access journal accepting submissions engaged in the task of rethinking the projection of Hispanic Studies in the current global academic field. With particular emphasis on work of a comparative nature and with a basis in theory, the journal is committed to reevaluating the history and theory of the social bond by moving beyond the standard elements of the academic field—namely, language, culture, and literature.

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