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Michigan Publishing is proud to announce our launch of Film Criticism, a journal that has been producing high-quality scholarship under a traditional subscription-based print publishing model through Allegheny College since 1976, making it the oldest academic film journal in the United States. On the 40th anniversary of this esteemed journal’s beginning, Michigan Publishing is pleased to bring you Volume 40, Number 1 of Film Criticism, now fully open access and free to the world for the first time.

Film Criticism is a peer-reviewed, online publication that has sought to bring together major scholars working in the field of cinema and media studies, foregrounding textual criticism as a primary value. Since its beginning in 1976, its mission has been to present the finest work in this area, regardless of theoretical orientation, ideological bias, or critical methodology. The readership for Film Criticism is academic; however, this journal strives to publish material that is both accessible to undergraduates and engaging to established scholars.

In his introductory letter to readers, editor Joe Tompkins writes, “As the world of academic publishing continues to undergo reinvention (much like the medium of film itself), FC aims to stay in touch with concurrent developments in the field, incorporating convergent areas of research into other moving-image media such as television and online video.”

Film Criticism complements other arts, criticism, and visual culture journals Michigan Publishing hosts open access, including Contemporary Aesthetics, the Michigan Quarterly Review, and the Trans-Asia Photography Review. Moreover, it complements the University of Michigan Press’ growing list in cinema studies.

The editors welcome submissions to Film Criticism; authors should consult the submission guidelines before submitting a paper for consideration.

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