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Physical and Biophysical Foundations of Pharmacy Practice: Issues in Drug Delivery

We are thrilled to announce a new publication, in cooperation with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, that serves as a core text for students entering the field of Pharmacy Practice. Focused on the physical and biological barriers and opportunities for drug delivery, this book is a peer-reviewed introductory physical pharmacy and biopharmaceutics text that comprehensively addresses the major issues in Pharmacy Practice.

Available free to read online in HathiTrust and affordably in print, Physical and Biophysical Foundations of Pharmacy Practice is a must for students wishing to understand the background and mechanics of dosage form technology.

About the authors:

Gordon L. Flynn is Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan.

Michael S. Roberts is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Director, Therapeutics Research Centre, School of Medicine, University of Queensland, as well as Professor of Therapeutics and Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Medical Science, University of South Australia.

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