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Digital Culture Books

We are happy to announce a new title from digitalculturebooks, Tempest: Geometries of Play edited by Judd E. Ruggill and Ken S. McAllister. This is the fourth book in our Landmark Video Games Series.

In this book, Ruggill and McAllister enumerate and analyze Tempest’s landmark qualities, exploring the game’s aesthetics, development context, and connections to and impact on video game history and culture. Specifically, they describe the game in detail, unpacking its latent and as well manifest audio-visual iconography and the ideological meanings this iconography evokes; consider the game generically, that is, in terms of the general styles and logics it initiated, reinscribed, and expanded upon; delve into its design and production history to reveal the creative and industrial processes that shaped the game’s development, release, and reception; and, finally, they analyze it as part of a franchise as well as a singular artifact.

Tempest is freely available to read online. Print copies of the book may be purchased from the University of Michigan Press.

Judd Ethan Ruggill is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Arizona State University and co-directs the Learning Games Initiative.

Ken McAllister is Professor of English and Director of the Rhetoric, Composition, and Teaching of English Graduate, College of Humanities Faculty Fellow for Research and Instructional Computing at The University of Arizona.

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