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Announcements, University of Michigan Press

LogoAs of June 1, the University of Michigan Press will be distributed by Chicago Distribution Center, a division of the University of Chicago Press. CDC’s warehouse will fulfill all orders for U-M Press titles, including the English Language Teaching (ELT) division and distributed titles published by our campus partners.

Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan Press director, commented: “The Chicago Distribution Center is an efficient distribution partner serving a number of publishers with whom the University of Michigan Press shares a common Midwestern identity and philosophy. BiblioVault, its digital asset management and distribution service, and Edwards Brothers Malloy, managers of the digital printing center at CDC, are long-term existing partners. We are also especially excited to be working with our colleagues at the University of Chicago Press in a new arrangement for sales and foreign rights representation.”

During the transition period, there may be slight delays to service as we work to move our inventory to Chicago’s facilities. You will notice the “Buy” button on our website has been turned off for the weekend May 29-31 to avoid orders falling through the cracks; on June 1 the button will re-activate and, for the first time, allow you to purchase print and ebooks on the same order. We anticipate a smooth transition, but please do let us know if something doesn’t look right or work quite as it should.

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