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Announcements, New Releases

Michigan Publishing is pleased to announce the first digital issue of Saksaha: A Journal of Manchu Studies.

Volume 12 represents a relaunch of the journal, previously published only in print, as an open-access, online publication. Saksaha is co-edited by Professor Benjamin Levey (University of Michigan, Dearborn) and Professor Matthew Mosca (College of William and Mary). As former editor, Stephen Wadley, explains in the volume’s introduction:

I am excited by the prospect of Saksaha appearing in electronic form under their capable direction. I feel that this will not only breathe new life into the old bird but also allow it a much larger territory, reaching Manchuists from all over in a more convenient and interactive way.

Saksaha is the journal of the Manchu Studies Group. Its purpose is to advance and promote informed scholarship on all aspects of Manchu studies, including (but not limited to) history, literature, linguistics, philology, anthropology, religious studies, art history, folklore, material culture, and cultural studies. Since 1996, it has been the only journal specifically devoted to Manchu Studies in a European language.

Saksaha, which publishes annually, welcomes scholarly articles dealing with any aspect of Manchu Studies. The journal editors also occasionally accept high quality annotated translations of documents and other materials written in Manchu and short research notes on questions of interest to Manchu Studies. Please see the journal’s Submission Guidelines for more information.

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