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Announcements, New Releases

Michigan Publishing’s first Maize Book, Living in a Law Transformed: Encounters with the Works of James Boyd White, edited by Julen Etxabe and Gary Watt, was published. Along with the release of our first Maize Book we’re especially excited to launch an updated design for the open access versions of our monographs. This new design aims to improve engagement with our book length content on the web through:

  • responsive features that enable users to comfortably read on smartphones, tablets, or desktops
  • web-friendly typefaces and larger font sizes, line heights and page margins, all geared toward improving the long form web reading experience
  • additional chapter to chapter navigation so readers can more easily skim between chapters

In addition to our first Maize Book and a new journal, Weave, here’s what we released in September:

  • Philosopher’s Imprint, the open access philosophy series, released two new papers: “Hume’s Treatment of Denial in the Treatise” by Lewis Powell and “Decision Theory without Representation Theorems” by Kenny Easwaran.
  • Open Humanities Press (an international, scholar-run publishing collective) released a new title: Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene by Joanna Zylinska. Minimal Ethics is part of OHP’s Critical Climate Change series.
  • One of our newest journals, the Michigan Journal of Sustainability, released Volume 2. MJS is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that is published in partnership with the U-M Graham Sustainability Institute. This journal aims to make academic research on environmental sustainability more accessible to a general audience.
  • Music and Politics released issue 8.2. MP is an open access, peer-reviewed electronic journal first published in 2007 and is published online twice per year. The Summer 2014 issue’s theme is “Sound, Environment, and Action.” In the introduction, editor Tyler Kinnear asks, “Can the values and politics of profit-oriented industries successfully benefit humans without major environmental repercussions? Will art help transform scientific findings into societal values?”
  • A new issue of the Journal of Anthropological Research was published. JAR 70.3 features four new articles and numerous reviews of new publications. This publication is available in full to subscribers only, but anyone may search the journal archive, view results, and purchase individual articles as PDFs.
  • A new issue of The Journal of Electronic Publishing, Michigan Publishing’s flagship journal, is now available. The title of JEP 17.3 is “Metrics for Measuring Publishing Value: Alternative and Otherwise,” and covers topics like altmetrics, peer review, and digital scholarship.
  • ARKIVOC, the open access organic chemistry journal, published 9 new and updated articles in September.

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