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Announcements, New Releases

Michigan Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy.

According to the editors, Ergo responds to “a need for general philosophy journals that are efficient, open access, inclusive, and transparent.” While maintaining very high standards for acceptance (since the journal began accepting submissions in July 2013, the editors and reviewers have rejected 93% of 170 submissions), Ergo also hopes to begin to address the imbalance in gender and race representation among published authors that is particularly prevalent in philosophy journals.

Inspired in part by Michigan Publishing’s long-running and highly respected Philosophers’ Imprint, Ergo is freely available for everyone to read on the web under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Volume I launched with four original articles, as well as a note from the editors reflecting on their goals when establishing this journal and on their experience with recruiting and managing review of submissions over the last nine months.

Ergo will continue to publish on a rolling basis. The editors welcome submissions to Ergo; authors should consult the submission guidelines before submitting a paper for consideration.

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