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New Releases

It has been quite the cold and snowy start to the new year here at the University of Michigan. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped us from releasing a bevy of new content in the past two months:
  • ARKIVOC, the open access organic chemistry journal, released 160 new and updated articles (!). Articles from ARKIVOC are freely available  for all to read or download.
  • A new issue of the Journal of Anthropological Research was published. JAR 69.4 features a tribute to anthropologists John Martin Campbell and Keith H. Basso, four new articles, and numerous reviews of new publications. This publication is available in full to subscribers only, but anyone may search the journal archive, view results, and purchase individual articles as PDFs.
  • The Spring 2013 issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review is now online. MQR 52.2 features poetry, essays, and fiction. Each issue of MQR becomes freely available online six months after it is distributed in print.
  • Music & Politicsone of Michigan Publishing’s newest journals, released issue 7.1. This peer-reviewed journal publishes two issues per year on topics including the impact of politics on the lives of musicians, music as a form of political discourse, and the influences of ideology on musical historiography.
  • The Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association released two new issues from winter and summer 2013 (34.1 and 34.2).  These issues contain a variety of articles and book reviews. The U-M Library hosts digitized versions of a number of Abraham Lincoln Association publications, so you can search across them all at once. JALA publishes biannually, in the winter and summer; it is freely available to read online.
  • Feminist Studies published a new issue. From the preface, FS 39.3 “presents an array of articles exploring political, economic, legal, and discursive forces in very different societies and times.” Feminist Studies is available in its entirety to subscribers, but anyone can search or browse the journal and purchase PDFs of individual articles.
  • Human Figurations released 3.1, featuring new articles and book reviews. Human Figurations is a journal on sociology and other disciplines.
  • Philosopher’s Imprint, the open access philosophy series, released three new papers: “Curious Virtues in Hume’s Epistemology” by Karl Schafer; “Infinitesimal Chances” by Thomas Hofweber; and “Temporal Experience and the Temporal Structure of Experience” by Geoffrey Lee.
  • Volume 11 of Contemporary Aesthetics was released. This journal, an international, interdisciplinary, peer- and blind-reviewed  journal on aesthetics, publishes online on a rolling basis throughout the year. At the close of the year, Michigan Publishing archives the completed volume in a searchable, browseable archive.

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