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“Grad Student Forum on Copyright, Fair Use, and Digital Dissertations”
Monday, February 24, 2014
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Room 2001, LSA Building

Join us for a conversation about copyright, fair use, and issues of dissertation and scholarly publishing in the digital age. All are welcome.

A Grad Student’s Guide to Submitting a Digital Dissertation: You Need to Know This Sooner than You Think

The transition to the digital dissertation opens new possibilities for students and poses new questions. What do students need to know about their rights and responsibilities and to plan their future career? Discussion will cover:

  • Why is a dissertation a public document?
  • What is Deep Blue and what’s it got to do with all this?
  • What you need to know about submitting your digital dissertation
  • Embargoes: options to consider

Understanding Copyright and Flexing Fair Use

A recent survey finds many faculty and students don’t understand fair use and don’t know how to use this important principle. Discussion will cover protections and rights of copyright and fair use, how the responsible application of fair use can allow scholars to use digital collections, images and other resources in their work, and how fair use empowers authorship.

  • Nuts and bolts of copyright and fair use for graduate students
  • Using visual resources: what you need to know


John Godfrey, Assistant Dean, Rackham Graduate School
Donna Huprich, Director, Rackham Office of Academic Records and Dissertations
Meredith Kahn, Publishing Services and Outreach Librarian
Norah Krinitsky, graduate student, Department of History
Melissa Levine, Lead Copyright Officer, University of Michigan
Rebecca Price, Librarian for Visual Resources, Architecture, and Urban Planning
Katie Rosenblatt, graduate student, Department of History

This event is sponsored by Rackham Graduate School and the U-M Library’s Copyright Office. For a compendium of material on digital dissertations, open access, fair use, and issues of scholarship and writing in the digital age:

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