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New Releases


Happy New Year to you and yours! We published a variety of new issues of open access journals and two new Open Humanities Press books during the month of December. Check them out below!

Open Humanities Press (an international, scholar-run publishing collective) new releases:
From our journal partners:
  • The conference proceedings of the 2011 meeting of the Western Society for French History were published, featuring 26 interdisciplinary articles on France and French culture.
  • Human Figurations released issue 2.3, a special issue entitled “Everyday practices and long term-processes: Overcoming dichotomies with the work of Norbert Elias”. Human Figurations focuses on sociology and other disciplines.
  • Philosopher’s Imprint, the open access philosophy series, released two new papers: “Disagreement and the Semantics of Normative and Evaluative Terms” by David Plunkett and Tim Sundell and “Quantificational Logic and Empty Names” by Andrew Bacon. The Imprint is free to all readers of the Web.
  • 6 new and updated articles in ARKIVOC, the free online journal for organic chemistry.

Stay tuned for more new releases in January, including the announcement of a brand-new journal.

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