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Michigan Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of a new open-access journal, Translating the Americas.

A project of the University of Michigan Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Translating the Americas is a digital platform for the publication and open access distribution of translations of important, previously published articles and book chapters.

Translating the Americas seeks to support collaborations between members of the University of Michigan faculty and overseas colleagues; to disseminate the research of UM faculty by making it available in Spanish, Portuguese or Kreyol; and to provide and distribute important resources for teaching and research about Latin America and the Caribbean not currently available in English.

The publication launched in November 2013 with six new translations, focusing primarily on issues related to slavery and labor in Brazil. Translations are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND), and will be added on a rolling basis.

The editors accept submissions of translated scholarship for publication. In addition, University of Michigan faculty are invited to apply for grant funding from Translating the Americas to support the translation of their own relevant work for publication in this journal.

Translating the Americas is also the first Michigan Publishing journal to natively support multiple languages: users can choose to navigate the site in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. This new functionality was the result of collaboration between Michigan Publishing’s web developers and the editors of this journal, who provided the translated terms. We look forward to extending this functionality to other publications aimed at a multi-lingual audience!


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