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Copyright Office

Are you planning on a career in the arts? Do you know what “Fair Use” is? Do you know how to market yourself as an artist?  This fall, the Copyright Office is hosting a series of workshops aimed at the intersection of the arts, entrepreneurship, and law. Topics include important copyright issues for musicians and artists, an interpretation of common contractual language, and an introduction to marketing strategies for artists. All sessions will be held in the Hatcher Library Gallery (Room 100) and are open to the UM community.  Please register using the links below.

Upcoming sessions include:

Music, Copyright, and Fair Use, Tues., Oct. 15, 4-6pm
Interpreting Music Contracts, Tues., Oct 29, 5-7pm
Branding Yourself as an Artist, Tues., Nov. 5, 4-6pm

If you would like more information on our upcoming sessions or if you would like a copy of the slides used in any of the workshops, please contact Cliff Helm at

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