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New Releases

MQR Fall 2012 cover

MQR Fall 2012 cover

We have a summer blockbuster of a post for you this month, including all of Publishing Production’s activities over the summer. We’ve released a ton of new content, including a new journal! Check it out:

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism released issue 1.1.  GSF is an open-access, interdisciplinary journal that launched in June this past summer. GSF focuses on research on gender studies, masculinities, sexualities, and feminism. Read more about this new journal here.
  • The Journal of Muslim Mental Health released issues 1 and 2 of Volume 7. 7.1 is focused on the theme of stigmas in relation to mental health; both issues feature original articles. JMMH is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes research and clinical material relating to the mental health of Muslims in the United States and globally. It freely available online to read or download.
  • Philosophy & Theory in Biology–the peer-reviewed open access online journal–released Volume 5 earlier this year, which includes three new articles.
  • Feminist Studies published issue 39.1. The newest issue features original essays, art spreads, poetry, and includes articles on reproductive rights, the war on terror, and the widely discussed sexual assault case in New Delhi. Feminist Studies is available in its entirety to subscribers, but anyone can search or browse the journal and purchase PDFs of individual articles.
  • The Fall 2012 issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review is now online. MQR 51.4 features poetry, book reviews, essays, and fiction. Each issue of MQR becomes freely available online six months after it is distributed in print.
  • The Frankel Institute Annual 2013 was released.  FIA is a publication of the University Of Michigan’s Frankel Center For Judaic Studies. Each year, visiting Institute scholars contribute an essay on their research to the Institute Annual. This publication is now made available online.
  • Philosopher’s Imprint, the open access philosophy series, released eight new papers over the summer. The Imprint is free to all readers of the Web.
  • Human Figurations released 2.2, featuring new articles and book reviews. Human Figurations focuses on sociology and other disciplines.
  • Nearly 200 new translations were added to The Encyclopedia of Diderot & d’Alembert Collaborative Translation Project over the course of the summer. The Encyclopedia is an ongoing collaborative effort of volunteer translators to translate a selection of more than 70,000 original articles. This site has been designed to provide translations of articles from the Encyclopédie edited by Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert in the 18th century to teachers, students, and other interested English-language readers.



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