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Announcements, University of Michigan Press

The University of Michigan Press, a unit of Michigan Publishing, is committed to producing and disseminating high-quality scholarship. As part of that commitment, we’re proud to announce Maize Books, a new Michigan Publishing imprint. This imprint represents a lean, responsive model for publishing scholarly and creative works. We understand that scholarship can take many forms, and that traditional academic publishers aren’t always interested in items that don’t fit the typical categories of a “monograph” or a “journal article.”

Thankfully, we’re not a traditional, typical publisher.

The University of Michigan Press has the tools and the expertise to help you distribute your scholarship, regardless of its form, and we offer methods to make your work discoverable, accessible, and preservable for the long term. In keeping with our mission to explore new forms of scholarly publishing, Maize Books titles will be evaluated by the acquiring editors and Editorial Director of the University of Michigan Press. They will undergo peer review when desirable, including experimental forms of peer review designed to suit the requirements of individual publications.

The benefits of publishing your work via Maize Books include:

  • Fast turnaround times from manuscript to finished publication
  • Distribution both online and in print
  • Ability to make your work available as a freely accessible Open Access publication as well as via recognized sales channels
  • A robust technical infrastructure to give online publications strong search engine optimization and enable long-term preservation, making your work both easy to find and safe for the long term
  • High-quality, low-cost print editions produced on demand
  • Brand identification with Michigan Publishing, a recognized leader in creating the future of academic publishing and scholarly communication

The key to advancing knowledge is sharing your scholarship as widely and as effectively as possible. Maize Books and the University of Michigan Press can help you do that.

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