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New Releases

March has come and gone, and April showers have arrived in force. Here’s what we published last month as we stayed inside to keep dry:
  • The International Institute Journal published the Fall 2012 issue, 2.1. IIJ is an open-access serial produced jointly by the University of Michigan’s International Institute (II) and Center for International and Comparative Studies (CICS); it features essays and articles written by the faculty, students, and fellows of II and CICS.
  • The Summer 2013 issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review is now online. MQR 51.3 features poetry, book reviews, essays, and fiction. Each issue of MQR becomes freely available online six months after it is distributed in print.
  • The Journal of Anthropological Review published a new issue. Issue 69.1 features five articles, as well as book reviews. Although a full version of this issue is only available to subscribers, anyone may search the journal archive, view results, and purchase individual articles as PDFs.
  • The Journal of Sports Administration and Supervision released their latest issue this month. Issue 4.1 from May 2012 covers many topics, from media influence on Major League Baseball steroid policies to a book excerpt on LinkedIn.
  •  Four new and updated articles in ARKIVOC, the free online journal for organic chemistry.

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