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New Releases

It may still be snowing here in Ann Arbor, but we’re still excited for spring–and new publications:
  •  Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality by Timothy Morton, an open access book, was published jointly by Michigan Publishing and Open Humanities Press.
  • Human Figurations released 2.1featuring new articles and book reviews. Human Figurations, a journal on sociology and other disciplines, is one of our newest publications.
  • The Philosopher’s Imprint, the open access philosophy series, released one new paper: From Coordination to Content by Samuel Cumming.
  • Volumes 9 and 10 and special volumes 3 (“Aesthetics and the Arts in Southeast Asia”) and 4 (“Artification”) of Contemporary Aesthetics were released. This journal, an international, interdisciplinary, peer- and blind-reviewed  journal on aesthetics, publishes online on a rolling basis throughout the year. At the close of the year, Michigan Publishing archives the completed volume in a searchable, browseable archive.
  • 24 new and updated articles in ARKIVOC, the free online journal for organic chemistry.

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