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Open Education Week is a global celebration of open education and its impact on learning. Please join us for the following events sponsored by the University Library:

The (not really) Secret Life of Wikipedia,” Lecture & discussion with Cliff Lampe, Assistant Professor, UM School of Information
11 March 2013, 1-2:30PM @ Hatcher Gallery
Free and open to the public
Professor Lampe discusses the various social structures that have evolved in Wikipedia, and how these processes affect the quality of content that appears on Wikipedia. Lampe covers social processes and tools that have been developed in Wikipedia, how these tools can be used to both help people more critically consume content from the site and begin contributing to the site, and how norms and rules are enforced in Wikipedia.

Lightning Talks: What Open Education Means to Me
12 March 2013, 2-3:30PM @ Clark Library
Free and open to the public
Students and staff from across the University of Michigan share their ten-minute stories about using or creating resources that are shared and reused across institutions or about using participatory, collaborative or transparent practices in education or research settings. These stories illustrate the impact of the open education movement on our own campus. This fast-paced event is an opportunity for members across the Michigan community to share experiences, techniques, and lessons learned.

Interactive Discussion: Reflecting on Online Learning
13 March 2013, 1:30-2:30PM @ Center for Entrepreneurship, Shapiro Undergraduate Library
Join this conversation about experiences teaching and using online course offerings at U-M. Participants include librarians who both use online teaching techniques and have taken online courses and students who have taken online courses to supplement their in-person classroom experiences at the university.

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Collections
13 March 2013, 4-6PM @ Hatcher Gallery Lab
Want to improve Wikipedia content relating to your museum or library collections, or practice the basics of Wikipedia editing? Students, faculty, and staff of all levels of experience with Wikipedia are invited to this GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) Edit-a-thon hosted by Chris Leeder, Ph.D student from the School of Information; Dave Malicke, Open Education Specialist; Ye Li, Chemistry Librarian; and students from the Michigan Wikipedians club.

Connected Learning Kick-off Event
15 March 2013, 12-4PM @ Hatcher Gallery
Registration required
Join us for a half day event to start a campus-wide discussion about connected learning environments. For more information and to register for this event, see here.

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