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New Releases

MPublishing is pleased to announce the first issue of the Journal of the Southern Association for Information Systems (JSAIS), a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes scholarly articles on all aspects of information systems. JSAIS is the official publication of the Southern Association for Information Systems.

The editors of JSAIS seek for the journal to be open, in all senses of the word:

  • Accessible online at no cost to the reader
  • Free of overly dense, academic prose that obscures meaning for non-specialist readers
  • Transparent about its review process, with an approach that combines community reviews with more traditional peer-review.
  • JSAIS does not favor any single research area, theory base, or methodology and is open to all interesting articles that address the topic of “information systems.”
The editors of JSAIS are eager to work with authors to develop their ideas, in order to “bring good ideas to light, rather than put up road blocks.” To learn more about the mission of JSAIS, see the first issue’s editorial note.
JSAIS will be published quarterly. The next issue is slated for April 2013. Subscribe to the journal’s RSS feed in order to keep up with new content as it is published.

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