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We are proud to announce that Dr. Chuck Severance’s popular textbook Python for Informatics is now available in an iPad edition. Staff in MPublishing worked with Dr. Chuck to convert the book’s contents for the iPad, which allowed us to add a number of new features. Each chapter now includes a lecture from Dr. Chuck, explanatory videos for exercises, and quizzes:

lecture video displayed on iPad




quiz as displayed on iPad

The iPad edition also includes a glossary as well as typographic styling that makes it easier to quickly delineate passages of code from prose:

glossary of terms




typographic styles for code and prose

Some of Dr. Chuck’s students are using the iPad edition of the textbook this semester in his SI 502 course at the UM School of Information, taking advantage of the iBooks interface’s ability to annotate and highlight passages. Ellen Gustafson, a student in the class, reports: “I think my favorite feature of having the textbook in iBooks is that every time I highlight or underline something in the text, it automatically makes a digital flashcard for me to use for quick review.” The textbook is also available as a PDF download or a print-on-demand paperback. See¬†for more info.

We are grateful that Dr. Chuck was interested in exploring how iBooks could be used for a multimedia-rich textbook, and we look forward to working with other faculty on similar projects. If you are a UM faculty member and would like to discuss using iBooks, other ebook formats, or print-on-demand technology for your own textbook project, please contact us at

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