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Peter Brantley: “Digital Books and Flying Cars: Libraries as Collateral Damage”
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Library Gallery, Room 100 Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

Peter Brantley will discuss┬átoday’s changing publishing environment, and why actions of publishers are rational, even as they threaten to destroy traditional models of library book lending. Brantley will also offer a few conjectures about library responses to these changes:

In an incredibly short period of time, control of the publishing industry has largely moved out of the hands of publishers. This organizational disruption has many precedents but occurs at a time of tremendous technological change, with content production and distribution shifting rapidly from physical to digital modes, with concomitant economic upheaval. Even the very conception of the “book” as a self-contained package, with an emphasis on a linear narrative, has been flipped inside out as new interactive applications bridge media types: books that are not quite books, movies, or games; books that know where I am, and can learn from my reading of them.

Peter Brantley is the Director of the Bookserver Project at the Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based not-for-profit library, and is a co-founder of the Open Book Alliance, a coalition of librarians, legal scholars, authors, publishers, and technology companies. He was previously the Director of the Digital Library Federation, a non-profit association of research and national libraries.

For more information about this event, see the announcement from U-M Library.

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