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Ari Friedlander, who has been Outreach Coordinator for the Text Creation Partnership since July 2010, has accepted the position of Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor of English at the University of California, Davis. For the last year, Ari has served as the face of the TCP, representing our work to current and future partners, writing press releases and blog posts, presenting at conferences, raising money to keep the TCP going, and of course, persistently building up our Twitter presence (@tcpstream). His wit, wisdom, and generosity with breakfast pastry will be greatly missed around the office, but we’re excited for him and wish him all the best as he embarks on his career as a full-time academic. We’ll be following his work on sex, crime, and disability in early modern English literature and culture at @arifried.

Greg Grossmeier has been with the MPublishing Copyright Office for nearly two years.  In August he will join the staff of Creative Commons as Education Technology and Policy Coordinator, initially focused on the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative.  Greg’s interest in issues of data sharing, open education, and open access publishing really helped the Copyright Office to think about how to change the default CC license on the MLibrary website from CC Attribution-NonCommercial to CC Attribution. Melissa Levine, Lead Copyright Officer said that “while at the Copyright Office, Greg maintained his existing relationships with Open.Michigan and as a Creative Commons Fellow which helped all of us to broaden our impact.  He made important contributions here – we’ll miss his presence but look forward to working together on other things.  We emphasize using Creative Commons licenses generally when appropriate, as they solve so many practical issues.  So I’m particularly excited to see Greg continue his work with that organization.” We’ll keep up with Greg on Twitter (@g_gerg) and encourage you to do likewise!

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