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New Releases, University of Michigan Press

Cole thumb Starting today, July 18, all you have to do is “like” the University of Michigan Press Facebook page and you’ll have access to ongoing chapters of two brand-new novels. Check in every week and you’ll have read all of both books by the end of the summer!

Barbara Kingsolver said she read Marjorie Cole’s Spell on the Water and “couldn’t put it down.” It’s about a woman struggling to put her family back together in a small town after her husband’s death.

Thacker thumb Becky Thacker’s Faithful Unto Death is a historical whodunit, based on true events in her own family. Set in a tiny town in Northern Michigan, it traces the mysterious death of the mother of five: illness, murder, or suicide?

There is no charge for viewing the ongoing segments of either book (not that we wouldn’t love for you to buy copies for yourself, of course).

Check them out online today!

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