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We’re pleased to share two pieces of news regarding the professional activities of MPublishing staff:
  • Karen Hill, Assistant Director of the University of Michigan Press has been named to a three year term on Project Muse’s inaugural Book Publishing Working Group.  The group will provide Project Muse with input on initiatives and developments especially as they relate to Ebook publishing.
  • Melissa Levine, Lead Copyright Office, has been accepted into the 2011 class of the Frye Leadership Insititute.  The ten-year-old institute focusses on developing library leadership.  In 2011, it begins a new emphasis on “empowering librarians and information technologists to instigate conversations and take action on issues of importance not just to their individual institutions, but to the entire higher education community.” Melissa is already an active national advocate on matters of copyright and libraries, making her a great match with Frye’s interests.
Please join us in recognizing Karen & Melissa for their leadership and contributions to the field of scholarly communiction!

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