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Deep Blue

We recently completed an analysis of current U-M authors represented in Deep Blue. There are a lot of ways to look at the data, but the most compelling statistic is probably this one:  roughly 55% of our full time professors have work in the service. (That’s 3,142 out of 5,628 as of this August.)

We’re pleased with what we’ve achieved so far, and have achieved this largely because of the efforts of many members of the University Library community: Bryan Skib and Kathleen Folger (and Mark Sandler before them), along with a number of selectors (Jake Glenn, Leena Lalwani, Helen Look, and JoAnn Sears spring immediately to mind), all of whom have helped us partner with publishers to contribute to our efforts to make U-M scholarship more widely accessible. And we of course hope to add work of even more faculty members in the coming years.

Interested in adding your work to Deep Blue? Contact us.

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