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Alix Keener joined the staff of the Scholarly Publishing Office half-time on Monday, June 7th, complementing her existing half-time appointment at the University of Michigan Press. Alix works as a digital project assistant at SPO with a primary focus on helping to manage SPO’s ongoing work in support of Humanities E-Book.

The Text Creation Partnership, a component of MPublishing that has a historical link to SPO and whose staff has often been based at SPO, will continue that close relationship despite the departure of Aaron McCollough to become the new English language & literature librarian at the University of Michigan Library. His work will be continued by Ari Friedlander, outreach coordinator, and by Rebecca Welzenbach, SPO’s digital publishing project manager.

As outreach coordinator for the TCP and co-manager of the EEBO-TCP, EVANS-TCP, and ECCO-TCP, Ari is primarily responsible for promoting support in the academic scholarly community for the expansion and enhancement of the TCP catalog of digital texts, and working with scholars and librarians to facilitate the use of the TCP in teaching and research. Ari is currently completing a doctoral dissertation on early modern English literature at the University of Michigan entitled “Promiscuous Generation: Reproducing Sex and Social Forms in Early Modern England.”

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