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Copyright Office

The U-M Library Copyright Office offers scholars, researchers, staff, and students clear and straightforward information about copyright and we hope to continue that clear and straight forwardness to this blog. Welcome to our little part of the MPublishing Blog.

To give you an idea of things we will talk about, see these news items from earlier this year:

[March 3rd, 2010] Melissa Levine, Lead Copyright Officer, University of Michigan, On why fair use and special treatment of libraries and archives under copyright law must be considered in enforcing intellectual property – Comments in response to Coordination and Strategic Planning of the Federal Effort Against Intellectual Property Infringement: Request of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator for Public Comments Regarding the Joint Strategic Plan (Federal Register, February¬†23, 2010).¬†Melissa Levine’s comments were submitted March 23, 2010. (All comments may be viewed at Public Comments on the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Joint Strategic Plan.)

[January 6th, 2010] Paul Courant, Comments on Public Access Policies – The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy opened a public forum to discuss options for improving public access to results of federally funded research last month. From the announcement: The Administration is seeking public input on access to publicly-funded research results, such as those that appear in academic and scholarly journal articles. Currently, the National Institutes of Health require that research funded by its grants be made available to the public online at no charge within 12 months of publication. The Administration is seeking views as to whether this policy should be extended to other science agencies and, if so, how it should be implemented. U-M University Librarian and Dean of the Libraries Paul Courant submitted a reply on Tuesday January 5th.

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